10 Best ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Chatbots for Business & Personal Use [2023]

AI chatbots have recently gained popularity!

And with good reason. 

Artificial intelligence chatbots assist firms in making their automation more natural. People can also use them for personal purposes, such as making an online buddy or checking on their health.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of their potential and benefits. 

But how do you employ chatbots, and which ones are ideal for you?

Don’t worry, we’ll go over everything. 

This article includes:

  • What is an AI chatbot?
  • What exactly is ChatGPT?
  • How to Make Use of AI Chatbots
  • Benefits of artificial intelligence chatbots online
  • Best Artificial intelligence chatbots available

What is an AI chatbot?

A chatbot is a piece of software that replicates user discussions using natural language processing (NLP). It works through chat apps and uses machine learning to deliver a human-like experience.

Artificial intelligence chatbots can help you increase revenue, improve customer happiness, and save time. You can also use them to examine complaints, reviews, and feedback from various touchpoints.

They provide human-like assistance without the need to refer your site’s user to a representative till a complex issue arises. Furthermore, AI bots recognize user intent and learn multiple ways to phrase questions over time to provide the best answers for your clients.


But how do AI chatbots differ from rule-based chatbots? 

The short answer is, no. 

Rule-based chatbots are limited in functionality and are developed for certain tasks. They can only respond to the inquiries for which they were programmed and cannot distinguish between alternative phrasings of the query. A rule-based chatbot, for example, will inquire “How can I help you?” and provide alternatives for the visitor to press. However, it will be unable to respond to any written queries that fall outside of the options it has offered. 

It can be frustrating for the Users to keep seeing this screen:


So, here’s a table that compares rule-based vs AI chatbots:

Source: tidio.com

What exactly is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot created by OpenAI that was upgraded from the previous (OpenAI GPT-3.5) version and will be released in November 2022. It’s a language model that incorporates reinforcement learning approaches. 

This chatbot AI can simulate detailed conversations and provide extremely expressive responses. It converses with users in a conversational manner and, thanks to its dialog format, can answer follow-up queries. It can also reject incorrect requests, which is a significant improvement over some of the other online conversational AI.

However, keep in mind that this online artificial intelligence chatbot is still at the prototype stage and may be slow and inaccurate at times.

How to Make Use of AI Chatbots

An AI chatbot for websites operates on predefined algorithms and converses organically with site visitors. As a result, some of the most typical applications for them include addressing frequently asked inquiries, engaging consumers, and marketing your items. 

Let’s look at some real-life examples.

Answers to FAQs 

Answering frequent queries is one of the most prominent applications for intelligent chatbots. These include your pricing, business hours, order status, and a variety of other factors. It relieves the burden on your support personnel, reduces wait time, and boosts customer happiness. What isn’t to like about it?

Cheerble chose to employ their chatbot for customer service and to answer frequently requested queries as follows:

Source: tidio

Customer engagement

You can also employ AI chatbots to communicate with visitors as soon as they arrive at your e-commerce store—send them a short welcome message and ask if they require any assistance. There could be anything specific they’re seeking, and reaching out can encourage them to buy from you sooner. They’ll enjoy proactive communication as well!

Look at how Story Bikes does it on their website:


Benefits of artificial intelligence chatbots online

AI bots are well-known for assisting human employees with helpdesk questions. They can also boost your sales, raise customer happiness with your brand, and boost online engagement. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Okay, here are some research-backed advantages of AI chatbots:

#Sales have increased.

During a conversation with a client, AI chatbot solutions can recommend products as well as upsell and cross-sell. According to a study, chatbots enhance a company’s sales by an average of 67%. Don’t you think this bump might increase your revenue tenfold in the long run?

#Enhanced communication 

In fact, more than 35% of consumers prefer businesses to deploy chatbots. This is due to the fact that they strengthen communication between the brand and the client in order to provide a better buying experience. How? AI bots, on the other hand, are available to clients 24 hours a day, communicate in a natural manner, and engage your website visitors in a variety of ways. 

#A customized shopping experience is provided.

To begin, roughly 80% of the time, buyers spend more when a business provides a tailored purchasing experience. Furthermore, 49% of shoppers think they are more inclined to return to a retailer if it delivers tailored recommendations.

#Increased participation 

According to our research on the importance of chatbot personality, people perceive brands that employ chatbots with “quick-witted” responses more positively than those who use chatbots with robotic responses. AI chatbots are more engaging and enjoyable to converse with.


#Customer service that is proactive is provided.

According to studies, 68% of consumers prefer brands that provide proactive customer care over those that do not reach out to customers. An AI support chatbot can reach out to clients via your website and other communication channels to guarantee that your brand keeps in touch with them.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 artificial intelligence chatbots on the market right now, shall we

Best Artificial intelligence chatbots available

You may integrate your AI bot with your website, CRM, or SMS messaging system. The majority of chatbots are text-based, but some providers offer voice recognition, allowing you to service clients via recorded messages. 

Let’s get this party started.

Here’s a table comparing the top ten AI chatbot software options for your website and messaging platforms:

AI ChatbotsRatingsFree/trail PlanFree/trial Plan
Tidio4.8/5 (494 ratings) ✅ Plan & TrialSmall to medium businesses
Drift4.4/5 (530 ratings)✅ PlanB2B companies
Ada4.6/5 (108 ratings)International companies
DialogFlow4.3/5 (42 ratings)✅ TrialBusinesses operating with Google Cloud
Wati4.6/5 (76 ratings)✅ TrailWhatsApp customer service
Mobile Monkey4.9/5 (119 ratings)✅ PlanCustomer service on social media 
Paradox4.9/5 (21 ratings)Recruitment 
Infeedo4.7/5 (50 ratings)Collecting employee feedback
Medwhat No ratings ✅ PlanMedical checks
Replica4.6/5 (177.6k ratings)✅ PlanConversation

In conclusion, the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence has paved the way for an exciting era of chatbot technology. As we have explored the 10 best AI chatbots for business and personal use, it is evident that these intelligent virtual assistants have revolutionized the way we interact and engage with technology.

These chatbots have proven their worth in various industries, from customer service and e-commerce to healthcare and finance. They have effectively enhanced productivity, streamlined processes, and provided personalized experiences for users. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, they have become adept at understanding human queries, providing relevant information, and even simulating human-like conversations.

The top 10 AI chatbots highlighted in this list demonstrate exceptional capabilities, including their ability to handle complex queries, offer proactive assistance, and adapt to individual preferences. They possess a diverse range of features, such as multilingual support, voice recognition, sentiment analysis, and integration with popular messaging platforms.

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