10 Best AI Text Generators For Content Writing (2023)

The advantages of AI text generators are numerous. Because more firms are utilizing the potential of AI text generators, you don’t want to lag behind your competition! 

However, when selecting an AI text generator for your business, you don’t want to go with a tool at random. With hundreds of products on the market talking about AI text generation capabilities, it might be challenging to discover the correct solution to help your business succeed. 

We were curious to try out several AI text generators on the market because AI text generator is a hot topic. Fortunately, we were able to select the top 9 AI text-generating programs on the market, and this post will serve as your finest resource for learning more about our top picks!

We thoroughly researched each product to ensure that you discover the best one for your needs. 

Now, let’s dive into the world of AI text generators!

Top 10 AI Text Generators Of 2023: In A Nutshell

We understand if you’re pressed for time and don’t want to wait until the conclusion. You can learn about our top 10 AI text generator programs by taking a quick look at the table below!

Sr. no.AI Text GeneratorKey Takeaway
01Jasper AIBest overall AI text generator
02FraseBest for content marketers and bloggers
03WriterSonicMost affordable AI text generator
04Copy.AIBest for generating content faster
05CopySmithBest for generating marketing copies
06ScalenutFor SEO-optimized content
07WriterFor personalized content for teams
08Hypotenuse AIBest for writing short to long content.
09Article ForgeBest for curating articles. 
10ContentBot Best for creating content in over 110 languages

1. Jasper AI for AI text generator

Whether you want to write blogs, social media captions, or copy, Jasper AI is one of the best AI text generation solutions on the market. The tool includes a slew of strong features that will help you create material 10x faster, removing writer’s block and saving time.

AI text generators

Jasper AI is also trained to create copies that convert and are optimized for search engines. When we investigated the tool, we discovered that its user interface was quite straightforward. All you need to do to receive great copies is enter your needs; the program will automatically make shareable copies. 

AI text generators

It is also surprising that Jasper AI creates 100% plagiarism-free articles. If you utilize Copyscape to examine your content for insurance, you will find that all of it passes Copyscape. Grammarly, on the other hand, is incorporated inside to deliver grammatical-error-free content in no time!  

Finally, a creative block can reduce our productivity and production. This is where Jasper AI can help. You can use Jasper’s built-in capabilities to generate fresh ideas and increase your business while maintaining consistency.

Key Features 

  • It supports 26 languages, allowing you to write in a variety of languages such as English, Japanese, and Spanish. 
  • Team collaboration allows you to invite your team and collaborate with them within the tool. 
  • Surfer SEO integrates smoothly to create keyword-optimized content. 
  • It includes a Chrome plugin that allows you to utilize Jasper AI anywhere. 
  • Provides outstanding customer service and extensive resources for getting acquainted with Jasper AI. 


The tool provides a free 5-day trial period during which you can try all Jasper AI features. Furthermore, Jasper AI provides two designs with distinct features. However, the price is determined by the quantity of words you specify. You can always increase the word count as your demands change. 

PlanPriceBest For
Starter$24/monthFor beginners who need assistance with the content.
Boss Mode$49/monthBest for content marketers and bloggers. 

2. Frase for AI text generator

AI text generators

It has an AI editor that allows for seamless editing as you write your final manuscript. In addition, the content analytics function will be useful in determining the greatest content prospects. The transition to the user interface is simple and less crowded. Even if you are a newbie, using Frase AI should be simple. 

Finally, Frase may be used to create social media captions, descriptions, articles, blogs, emails, sales copy, and more. 

Key Features

  • Curate thorough outlines and turn them into lengthy articles and blogs. 
  • Excellent instructional materials and excellent service. 
  • It comes with a Chrome plugin that allows you to utilize Frase everywhere. 
  • It functions flawlessly as a complete content optimization software. 
  • Content that is free of plagiarism. 


All programs include a monthly limit of 20,000 AI characters. You can, however, pay $35/month for The Pro-Add, which offers you infinite AI characters and more premium features.

The three plans are as follows: 

PlanPricingNo. of Articles

3. WriteSonic for AI text generator

WriteSonic is another fantastic AI text generator application that also functions as an all-in-one utility. The technology enables authors, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and others to create material more quickly and efficiently. WriterSonic can help you generate sales copy, social media captions and descriptions, essays, emails, reports, and ebooks. 

It also includes AI-powered editing tools like an expander, paraphraser, and shortener to help you refine your material. When it comes to the user interface of WriterSonic, we found it to be one of the best and easiest to use when compared to other AI text generation products on the market.

AI text generators

Entering a simple term can provide you with ideas for your blogs and articles. You will be given an introduction to your content based on the topic. You have several options to pick from, so read them all and decide which is more readable. Following that, you can select the outline suggested by the tool. The outline includes all of the subheadings that your text should have. That’s all there is to it! WriterSonic has now completed your entire article. 

Finally, it includes Sonic Editor for Google Docs. The editor is useful for making minor adjustments before publishing the final draft!

Key Features

  • Create articles and blogs of 1500 words or more. 
  • Surfer SEO integration allows you to create material for search engines. 
  • Allows you to develop effective Facebook and Google ads. 
  • Summarize your text with a single click using the Summarize tool. 
  • AI article ideas that are catchy enough to capture your audience’s interest are generated.


Quality PriceWords

4. Copy.ai for AI Content Generator

Copy.AI has built a name for itself in the market by leveraging AI to write your copy and content in a matter of minutes. Copy.AI, which has thousands of users, including Microsoft and Nestle, has amazing capabilities that make writing easier and faster. The platform includes 90+ powerful tools and templates that take content creation to the next level.

 To begin, you must first select a project. This might be as easy as a social media caption or as complex as a well-researched article on a certain issue. You can then add a brief summary of what you expect from the content. This assists the AI in understanding your expectations and producing content accordingly. After that, you can select from a variety of options. 

AI text generators

You may also update and polish your material before it goes live within the dashboard. Because Copy.AI is easy to use and suitable for beginners, you can start by writing website content, social media captions, articles, blogs, eCommerce copy, digital copy, and more. 

Another thing we appreciated about Copy.AI was how frequently it was updated. The platform stays up to current on the newest updates and trends to ensure your material does not fall behind and remains at the top! 

Key Features

  • The technology can generate information in over 25 languages. 
  • Resources for learning more about Copy. AI. 
  • Built-in templates help you save time and create content 10 times faster. 
  • Priority email is included with the premium subscription. 
  • Provides a grammar and tone checker to ensure that your material is error-free and that the tone is appropriate for your audience. 


Copy.AI is a free edition that allows you to work on an unlimited number of projects. The number of users, however, is limited to one. Upgrade to the premium plan for $49/month to gain access to all of the powerful features. If you’re not sure about the premium plan, you can take advantage of a 7-day free trial of the Pro plan!

5. Copysmith for AI text generator

Copysmith, unlike the other AI text generators on our list, focuses heavily on curating high-converting marketing sales copy. The program seeks to assist businesses and eCommerce by producing high-quality marketing content in a matter of minutes. It can take days or weeks to explore ideas and create content for a marketing campaign. 

You may now eliminate the headache of creating marketing content thanks to Copysmith. It includes pre-made templates for Facebook Ads, emails, landing sites, and other things. You can use these templates to quickly create marketing content. 

AI text generators

Copysmith is simple to use and may be used by anyone. Regardless of your background, you may use the tool without having to struggle to comprehend how it works. It also has a campaign builder that allows you to construct campaigns to increase sales and repeat purchases. 

If you are unsure about your content, you can use the tool’s plagiarism detector. This ensures that your content is not copied from any place. While the program is ideally suited for large business owners and teams, it also works exceptionally well for bloggers to write posts based on your requirements. 

Key Features

  • It supports over 100 languages, which means you can write in any language depending on your audience. 
  • In-file translation allows you to rapidly convert existing material into many languages. 
  • Provides a bulk content tool that allows you to produce thousands of copies in under a minute. 
  • Frase, Google Ads, WooCommerce, Microsoft Word, and other major tools and platforms are supported. 
  • With its excellent connection with Google Docs, you can say goodbye to copy-paste. 


CopySmith currently does not provide a free plan. You can, however, use its 7-day free trial to explore all of its features. When the trial period expires, you will be able to pick between the two premium options stated below. 

PlanPricingBest For
Starter$19/monthIndividuals and beginners
Professional$59/monthLarge teams and organizations.

6. Scalenut for AI Content Generator

You can now utilize this awesome AI text generator to level up your content game, thanks to Scalenut! It allows you to generate high-quality material with a few mouse clicks. Surprisingly, with the help of its cruise mode feature, you can write a comprehensive in-depth article in just five minutes. 

Furthermore, if you want to start from scratch, you may use a blank canvas, and the Free AI tools will help you understand where to improve, what else you can add, and how to generate amazing content. Scalenut’s goal is to produce a complete content report based on your desired keyword’s SEO impact. 

AI text generators

It also includes a number of templates that make writing easier. Scalenut can also help you come up with new ideas for your content. The platform’s SEO center feature, which provides detailed feedback on how your material looks, is one of its distinguishing features. Here you may find your content’s word count, NLP terms utilized and missed, readability score, and other information. 

Finally, the user interface is straightforward and clear. You can begin by selecting a template and following the instructions. The settings are simple to use and clearly shown on the dashboard. This means you won’t have to waste time figuring out how Scalenut works.

Key Features

For your material, you can seek assistance from industry experts and professionals. 

You can use the Chrome extension to write whenever you want and effortlessly incorporate it into Google Docs. 

SEO is used to ensure that your content ranks higher on Google. 

Create copy that will increase your conversion rates. 

You can simply create ad copy, social media descriptions, captions, product descriptions, and more. 


While there is no free plan by Scalenut, you can go for its 7-day free trial. Once the trial ends, you can upgrade your plan to a premium one. There are three paid plans by Scalenut:

PlanPricingBest For
Individual$17/monthIndividual creators and consultants.
Growth$47/monthStartups and growing businesses.
Pro$89/monthLarge businesses and teams. 

7. Writer for AI text generator

Writer, one of the market’s leading AI writing assistants, is trusted by hundreds of prominent brands. Over the years, well-known brands such as Twitter, Spotify, Figma, Pinterest, and others have relied on the tool to help them create high-quality content and overcome writer’s block. 

Unlike other tools, Writer is specifically built to be trained by your brand requirements and the best-performing content. Because each brand’s requirements are unique, Writer recognizes that one solution will not work for everyone. This is why Writer may be your AI writing tool tailored to the demands of your company.

AI text generators

Another feature we like about Writer is its security. It remains transparent and ensures that your editing or content creation is not saved. While Writer allows you to explore ideas and produce content from fresh, it also allows you to repurpose old information into something entirely new. Furthermore, you can rely on Writer to produce SEO-friendly material that ranks well in search engines. 

Writers are employed for a variety of functions, including content marketing, demand generation, product and brand promotion, and content design. You may also join Writer’s community, where content experts exchange tips on how to scale your content using Writer and make a big effect for your brand.

Key Features

  • By automating style, editorial, and brand corrections, you can save time. 
  • Produce distributional material 10 times faster than human writers.
  • Effective techniques for establishing brand consistency and designing a successful buyer’s journey. 
  • Collaborate with your team colleagues within the platform to co-write. 
  • Integration with well-known tools and platforms to boost productivity and efficiency. 


The writer offers a 14-day free trial to try and play with all of its features. The premium plan costs $18 per user each month. However, keep in mind that the strategy is just for 1-5 team members. If you need to add more users, contact sales and request a customized package. 

8. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI, another superb AI writing tool, is gaining commercial traction. It employs numerous modules to generate information that sounds more human-like and is focused on resolving user intent. Several aspects of Hypotenuse AI set it apart from other solutions on the market, which is why it made our list. 

One of its differentiating characteristics is a content detection tool that can help you study and write factual material. It also offers an AI picture generator and bulk content capability that is ideal for product descriptions and generating images in a matter of minutes. 

AI text generators

It is also simple to use the tool. It works by first understanding your requirements and then properly delivering the high-quality material your company need. The AI text generator has a large vocabulary and understands sentence structure, so your material will be original and stand out. 

It also works with API to produce product descriptions. You may also directly connect the tool with Shopify to save time and increase productivity. Finally, it has outstanding and dependable customer service to help you anytime you get stuck.

Key Features 

  • Supports several languages, allowing you to create content that your audience will like. 
  • Free plagiarism checker to verify your material is 100% unique. 
  • A built-in grammar checker ensures that your text is error-free before it goes live. 
  • AI models that are matched to your brand’s voice and tone. 
  • It includes a watermark-free AI image generator. 


PlanPricingBest For
Starter $24/monthBest for individuals and small business owners. 
Growth$49/monthBest for medium to large business owners who want to scale up their content. 

9. Article Forge for AI text generator

Article Forge is the last but not least on our list. When compared to the other AI text generator programs on our list, this one stands out the most and operates in a unique manner. While other programs can help you research and compose your content, Article Forge does everything for you. 

For example, based on the topic you select, the program creates a comprehensive article that contains true information and sounds human-written. Because AI powers it, you may expect high-quality content in a shorter period of time. Article Forge creates SEO-optimized content that Google adores, allowing your company to shine and receive the respect it deserves.

AI text generators

Finally, each piece generated by the program is Copyscape-approved, ensuring that you receive 100% unique material for your website. You can also utilize the program to create other types of material based on your requirements. 

Key Features 

  • After entering the keyword, you will receive an article of up to 1500 words in 60 seconds. 
  • Works best for bloggers that want to save time and money while producing high-quality material. 
  • Focuses on a variety of SEO factors. 
  • The programs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so your money is safe. 
  • Expert client service that is dependable. 


The price of Article Forage is determined by the amount of words. You can specify the quantity of words and the fee will be calculated accordingly. The base package for 25,000 words is $13 per month and increases to $127 per month for 500,000 words.

10. ContentBot AI

ContentBot AI is an AI text-generation platform that simplifies content marketing. This tool is beneficial to all types of creators, including entrepreneurs, digital marketers, copywriters, bloggers, content marketers, and SEO specialists. It provides a variety of templates for creating tweets, marketing copy, blog articles, landing sites, and more.

This AI writing tool is also capable of writing in 110 other languages. This tool’s drag-and-drop blog post creator is one of its best features. To make a blog post, simply enter the content you desire, such as titles, listicles, question-answers, paragraphs, and so on. It also includes a Discover feature, which gives you ideas for writing for highlighted snippets on Google.

AI text generators

This Discover tool will quickly assist you in creating SEO-optimized content for your website. ContentBot AI also includes a plagiarism detector and paraphrase tool to assist you in writing quickly and without plagiarism. This AI writing tool is already being used by over 122K marketers to write the best content for their websites or enterprises.

Key Features:

  • This artificial intelligence writing tool is appropriate for all types of enterprises, content marketers, and website owners.
  • It features around 45 AI tools that can be used to create any form of content, such as a blog article or a tweet.
  • Over 110 languages are supported by ContentBot AI, which can read, write, and paraphrase content in these languages.
  • It contains a drag-and-drop blog post builder that allows you to add anything you want to a blog post by simply dragging and dropping on the text editor.
  • It features built-in commands that help you write faster, so you don’t have to make your own.


There are four pricing options for ContentBot AI. The prepaid plan costs $1 for 1000 words, and you must first add credits. The beginner plan is $19 per month, the premium plan is $59 monthly, and the premium+ plan is $99 monthly.

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