Top 6 Free Email Marketing Tools 2024

There’s an entire ecosystem of free email marketing tools accessible, and they contain all of the capabilities you’ll need (and then some).

I investigated and tested more than 60 free email marketing tools to determine the top ones for various use cases and business kinds. The following are the top six free email marketing apps.

The best free email marketing tools

  • MailerLite is designed for advanced email marketers.
  • HubSpot is used for segmentation.
  • Brevo (previously Sendinblue) provides comprehensive marketing and sales capabilities
  • Mailchimp is an excellent tool for a growing email marketing campaign.
  • Sender for the most generous free plan available
  • Email marketing automation loops

What makes the best free email marketing Tools?

Full-featured email marketing apps and free email marketing tools are not mutually exclusive. Numerous choices provide customizable subscriber and send levels and the strong functionality that small businesses require—all for free. If you’re just getting started with free marketing tools or want to try out a couple before committing to a premium subscription, you have plenty of options.

When testing free email marketing Tools, I searched for the following qualities:

  • The number of subscribers and free mailings are included. Some free email marketing tools are generous in this area, allowing thousands of free sends per month, but others have low caps, implying that your “free” platform won’t be free for long. This was something I kept in mind when testing.
  • Email templates and personalization are available. You shouldn’t have to start your email marketing campaign from the ground up. The finest services provide at least a few professionally designed templates to get your free email campaign started. In circumstances where no free templates are available, the email editor must excel in terms of usability.
  • Segmentation of the audience. Email success is dependent on being able to send the correct emails to the right people at the right time. That implies that any free email campaign software you use should have capable audience segmentation options for growing enterprises.
  • Automation. A growing firm must be able to automate email marketing as the scale of its effort, from transactional emails to triggered campaigns and more.
  • Scalability. Speaking of which, just because you’re starting with free email marketing doesn’t mean you won’t grow out of it. The best free email marketing tools can scale with your company, transitioning from free to paid as needed, adding more features and higher limits as you go.
  • Complete email marketing capabilities. There are numerous capable apps built for a specific sort of email (such as newsletters or transactional emails), but for our purposes here, I concentrated on full-featured tools that can be utilized across your email marketing business.

At a glance, the finest free email marketing tools

ToolsBest forStandout featureFree plan
MailerLiteAdvanced email marketersDynamic content blocksUp to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month
HubSpotSegmentationWell-rounded marketing featuresUp to 2,000 emails per month and 1,000 static lists
BrevoAll-in-one marketing & salesFull-featured CRMUp to 300 emails per day, with unlimited contacts
MailchimpGrowing email marketingLots of advanced features included for freeUp to 500 contacts and 1,000 sends per month
SenderA generous free plan40 templatesUp to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month
LoopsEmail marketing automationUnlimited automation workflowsUp to 1,000 contacts and 2,000 email sends per month

Best free email marketing tools for advanced email marketers

  1. MailerLite
mailer lite email Marketing Tools

MailerLite pros:

  • Pre-built content blocks make email creation a breeze.
  • Allocations for segmentation and automation are generous.
  • Upgrade for unlimited users at a low cost

MailerLite cons:

  • No pre-made templates on the free plan

MailerLite does not provide pre-made layouts for its free newsletter service, but the dynamic, pre-designed content blocks more than compensate. MailerLite makes it easy for experienced email marketers to create new campaigns and bespoke templates by providing blocks for emphasizing various articles, videos, RSS lists, products, apps, events, and more.

Emails can contain more than simply text and photos. There is a countdown timer that dynamically displays the amount of time left until you launch a product or end a sale. You can include product information, embed a video, and bring in your most current blog entries using a dynamically updating RSS block, among other things. It’s an excellent technique to send interactive emails rather than just digital letters.

Beyond email content, MailerLite’s free package includes extensive automation and audience segmentation options. A straightforward builder simplifies the process of creating automation workflows, or you can get started right away with one of the 15 new pre-built flows. Create both persistent and one-time segments, and display aggregate data for each segment.

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Best free email marketing tools for segmentation

2. HubSpot

hubspot Email Marketing tools

HubSpot pros:

  • Generous free plan
  • Excellent for segmentation using HubSpot CRM features.

HubSpot cons:

  • Sub-par email templates
  • Expensive upgrade and the entire suite might be overpowering.

HubSpot provides everything you need under one roof. The email marketing capabilities are comprehensive and provide a lot of value for free, including up to 2,000 emails each month, 10 active lists, and reporting. When you’re ready to expand, you can add more HubSpot solutions for CRM, marketing automation, customer support, sales, and more.

As soon as you complete the signup process, the email tool launches the editor, allowing you to get started quickly. For those new to HubSpot or email marketing in general, the user guide is the next visit. It explains all you need to know to create beautiful, effective campaigns in HubSpot. HubSpot’s new AI features make things even easier.

The free plan includes 1,000 static lists and 10 “active” lists, which feature easy ways to categorize, for example, hard bouncers or those who open but do not click. While HubSpot provides a large free plan, the prices might quickly escalate if you outgrow it. Pricing for the entire Marketing Hub begins at $18 per month, but if you require a large number of contacts or services such as omnichannel marketing automation, A/B testing, or custom reporting, you will need to spend more.

Plus, HubSpot works with Zapier, allowing you to automate tasks like as creating and updating HubSpot contacts from your contact management tool and copying new leads from your advertisements into HubSpot. 
HubSpot pricing: Free for up to 2,000 emails each month, 1,000 static contact lists, 10 “active” contact lists, and one automation workflow.

The best free email marketing tools for integrated marketing and sales

3. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

brevo Email Marketing tools

Brevo pros:

  • Pre-designed, goal-oriented email automation
  • The free plan has generous automation limits.
  • Comprehensive marketing and sales feature set.

Brevo cons:

  • Strict 300 email/day send limit

If you want a single tool to handle all of your marketing and sales needs, Brevo is an excellent choice. Since rebranding from Sendinblue to Brevo, they’ve introduced a full-featured CRM, centralized solutions for sales meetings, calls, and chat, and streamlined deal tracking.

On top of that, the software provides a range of templated automation routines based on your goals. You may tailor your workflow to promote engagement, drive traffic, increase income, or foster connections.

You can get from account setup to email editing in just a few clicks, and the streamlined campaign creation flow keeps the variety of potential campaign types (Brevo supports email, SMS, WhatsApp, web push, and Facebook Ads campaigns) from becoming overwhelming. From there, you can customize your emails using dozens of pre-made themes and a drag-and-drop editor. Then, deliver them as email newsletters or schedule them using Brevo’s automation routines.

You can’t send as many emails at once as with other free email marketing tools, but you can maintain more contacts—the free plan includes unlimited contacts—and organize them into targeted lists. 

Integrating Brevo with Zapier allows you to automatically create new Brevo subscribers from new Google Contacts, Mailchimp subscribers, Facebook Lead Ads leads, and other sources. Discover more popular Zapier integrations for Brevo, or start with these ideas.

Brevo pricing: Free for up to 300 emails per day with unlimited contacts.

Best free email marketing tools for growing email marketing programs

4. Mailchimp

Mail chimp Email Marketing tools

Mailchimp pros:

  • User-friendly interface with useful advice and best practices.
  • This includes customer journey mapping, list segmentation, A/B testing, and more.
  • Pricing is scalable.

Mailchimp cons:

  • The free plan is quite limited when compared to the other options on our list.

Mailchimp, one of the most popular email marketing tools due to its welcoming branding, is an excellent starting point for your email marketing program if you intend to scale it quickly. The app’s free version features a landing page builder, customer journey mapping, list segmentation, retargeting ads, and even A/B testing.

Mailchimp’s intuitive editor, which includes useful hints and best practices along the way, makes it an accessible alternative for both new and seasoned email marketers. For example, while creating a subject line, a sidebar reminds you of the recommended character length, the use of emoji in subject lines, and other details.

When you’re ready to expand beyond what the free plan provides, Mailchimp offers three distinct subscription packages. Furthermore, Mailchimp can handle email programs of any scale, so if you can afford to let it expand with you, you’ll never need to move to another tool.

Mailchimp works with Zapier, allowing you to instantly add new form responders, leads, or spreadsheet items to a Mailchimp list. Learn more about automating Mailchimp or get started with one of these pre-built workflow templates.

Mailchimp pricing:

The service is free for up to 500 contacts and 1,000 sends each month.

The best free email marketing tools offers a big free plan

5. Sender

Sender email marketing tools

Sender pros:

  • Very liberal subscriber and send limitations.
  • Complete access to automation and segmentation.
  • Reasonable upgrading expenses

Sender cons:

  • A clunky drag-and-drop editor

If you want to obtain a lot of value for free, Sender is the greatest option. The extremely generous free plan provides 2,500 subscribers, 15,000 emails a month, and complete access to more advanced tools such as automation and audience segmentation. At a time when most email marketing software is limiting their free plans, Sender’s stands out.

You won’t find many fancy email templates here, but the program does have roughly 40, the majority of which are of acceptable quality. The drag-and-drop editor is not my favorite, but it works. The automation function does not have any pre-built processes, but it is simple to use and includes 11 basic triggers. 

Speaking of which, if you want to use Sender for eCommerce, you’ll probably need to upgrade at some point, but the paid plans are also very affordable—for $47.50 a month, you get 10,000 subscribers, 120,000 email sends, SMS features, white labeling, and up to three users.

Furthermore, you can use Sender in conjunction with Zapier to automate even more of your email marketing workflow, such as syncing new Sender subscribers across other apps and publishing emails to other channels. Here are a few suggestions, but you can link Sender to thousands of more programs in your software stack.

Sender pricing:

Free for up to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails every month.

Best free email marketing tools for automation

6. Loops(Web)

Loops(Web) email marketing tools

Loops pros:

  • Generous free plan.
  • Lots of pre-built automation templates.
  • Scalable upgrade

Loops cons:

  • Only available in the rich text editor
  • Plain text templates

Loops is an email marketing app developed from the ground up for automation. The program refers to automated operations as “loops” (thus the name), and they are unlimited—even on the free subscription.

Loops is geared towards SaaS companies, and many of its features reflect this. With 17 pre-built loops to pick from, you can quickly create automation for popular subscription use cases such as welcoming new paid customers, inviting them to upgrade, and promoting engagement.

The program also features audience segmentation, which is basic yet straightforward to use. Overall, Loop’s user interface is straightforward, clear, and extremely easy to browse.

This recommendation comes with one major caveat: Loops only has a rich text editor and a few plain-text email templates. If that works for your email marketing strategy, this is a terrific option; however, keep in mind that you will not be creating beautifully designed visual-laden ads.

Loops pricing:

Free for up to 1,000 contacts and 2,000 email blasts per month.

How about a free eCommerce email marketing tools?

You may have noted that I did not include a “best for eCommerce” category this year; this was purposeful. While I tested several apps with useful eCommerce capabilities, I discovered that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this market.

Mailchimp and Sender include tools like as eCommerce-specific audience segmentation characteristics and online shop integration, but the subscriber and email send restrictions on their free plans are insufficient for eCommerce.

Klaviyo and (my previous suggestion) Omnisend are both excellent options for email marketing designed specifically for eCommerce. However, both applications severely limit their free plans to only 250 contacts and 500 sends per month, so I cannot recommend them if you’re seeking a free email marketing solution—they won’t be free for long. However, if you are prepared to pay for niche-specific features, free plans allow you to try out Omnisend and Klaviyo before you have to open your wallet.

Email marketing Tools FAQ

Still, have questions about how to choose email marketing tools? Here are some common questions regarding how to choose the proper app.

What qualifies for decent free email marketing software?

While different platforms will work well for different people, you should look for features such as email templates and customization, audience segmentation, automation, scalability, and the number of subscribers and sends included in the free plan.

Why use email marketing software?

Email is one of the most efficient ways to promote your business. Why? Email is universal, as nearly everyone has an email address. In addition, email is commonly recognized as having a high return on investment (ROI) when compared to other mediums. 

Can I start email marketing for free?

Absolutely. Each platform featured in this article is free to use, and as long as you do not exceed the free plan’s contact restrictions, you can send emails to your email list for free.

Automate your email marketing tools.

Once you’ve chosen your free newsletter program, here are some suggestions for automating your email marketing tool. Then look into more ways to employ marketing automation to grow your firm.


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