Top 10 AI Lead Generation Tools 2024

AI Lead Generation tools


Lead generation is a strategic process that helps organizations find and engage potential customers, growing their interest until they convert to paying customers. Consider a lead to be someone who has a genuine interest in your goods or service.

A well-executed lead generation strategy not only gives you access to valuable customer data and insights but also allows you to make informed decisions. This, in turn, increases brand visibility and helps firms get high-quality leads, resulting in substantial sales growth.

While lead creation is highly advantageous, the process can be time-consuming and requires careful preparation and execution. This requires extensive research, data analysis, and the development of exact conversion tactics, all of which involve a significant investment of time and effort.

Integrating artificial intelligence into the lead generation process can provide significant benefits, such as increased productivity, streamlined processes, and cost savings. AI-powered solutions can quickly filter through huge databases, identifying client behaviors, preferences, and habits and improving targeted precision. Furthermore, AI enables firms to predict which leads are most likely to convert and where their efforts should be focused. Furthermore, AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can boost engagement by responding quickly to potential leads.

We delve further into the greatest AI lead-generation Tools, assisting you in discovering their distinct features, functionalities, and pricing plans.

List of Top 10 AI Lead Generation Tools


AI Lead Generation Tools (previously Mobile Monkey) is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology for AI lead generation that combines message automation, data integration, and prospecting capabilities into one package, allowing organizations to optimize their marketing and sales processes., powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, improves targeted outbound marketing, supporting firms to connect with potential leads. It also examines website traffic for consumer profiles that match specific criteria. Prospective leads are added to a contact list for automated email or text message (SMS) outreach after they are identified.’s email copywriting service can help you create interesting content with higher open and click-through rates. now enables numerous email senders, which improves message delivery and lowers the likelihood that your emails will be flagged as spam. also offers outreach campaign analytics, giving you access to real-time information on the effectiveness of different marketing initiatives and the ability to optimize. You may target your audience more successfully by breaking them up into smaller groups based on traits and behaviours they have in common with Additionally, Zapier and other marketing automation platforms are compatible with


Starter package at $199 per month; free version
Pro plan costing $499 monthly
Business at a personalised price

2. Albert

AI Lead Generation tools

A cloud-based AI platform for data-driven lead scoring is called Albert by Zoomd. Marketing teams will have a simpler time locating eligible leads because of their built-in compatibility with current corporate platforms. Albert helps with AI lead generation on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, among other platforms.

Albert can handle a variety of marketing activities on his own, freeing up human agents to concentrate on other crucial responsibilities, instead of merely offering ideas. By enabling companies to focus their spending exclusively on platforms with strong interaction rates, it also helps them save money.

Albert analyses current and past customer data using machine learning models, giving organizations critical insights for improving marketing strategies. Albert helps you choose the ideal moment to send emails to increase open and click-through rates by utilizing integrated predictive analytics. Predictive analytics can also be used to anticipate your sales and revenues and find profitable customer categories.

Furthermore, Albert offers up-to-date information on the effectiveness of various efforts. You can therefore maximise AI lead-generation tactics to attain greater conversion rates. With the help of Albert’s AI technology, it can recognize lead behaviors and intent and adjust its marketing strategies to get better outcomes. Additionally, Albert works with HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zoho, among other CRMs (customer relationship management software).

Albert is offered personalized payment plans.

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3. Seamless.AI

AI Lead Generation tools

Seamless.AI is particularly good at targeting and delivering social media information. Data is gathered from several sources, including social media platforms and web traffic. Following machine learning analysis of the data, companies are able to divide their clientele into groups according to shared attributes such as location, age, and hobbies. By using this data, businesses may send communications that are more engaging and provide a higher return on investment (ROI) to target consumers.

And seamless as well. Businesses may start effective social media marketing efforts in a number of ways thanks to AI. To begin with, it guarantees that companies are focusing on the appropriate audience segments. Additionally, it helps marketing teams create interesting social media postings that prospective leads are likely to find interesting. Teams can test several social media marketing techniques using Seamless.AI to see which ones work best. Seamless.AI can also be used to track the effectiveness of marketing efforts and make the required modifications.

Seamless does this by automating tedious tasks. By freeing up workers to concentrate on other important tasks, AI can increase productivity. seamless.The current marketing tech stack, which includes HubSpot, Insightly,, Brevo, Mailchimp, Google Ads, and TikTok Ads, is compatible with AI. Companies can integrate different functionalities straight into their applications by using the Seamless API.


Seamless.AI has basic, pro, and corporate plans in addition to its free version; nevertheless, you must get in touch with its sales team to obtain precise pricing quotes.

4. LeadIQ

AI Lead generation tools

A B2B lead-generating platform that specializes in LinkedIn outreach is called LeadIQ. It enables companies to conveniently manage customer data on a single platform by syncing it from various CRM systems and sales platforms including Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, and Google Workspace. Additionally, LeadIQ has the ability to automatically clean and validate data, enabling marketing teams to make decisions based on reliable information.

LeadIQ, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology, can evaluate consumer behavior, routines, and preferences to offer insightful information for locating and interacting with possible leads. LeadIQ’s AI-powered personalization helps create content that effectively connects with the intended audience, which further enhances engagement efforts. Organizations can also monitor important insights and performance metrics straight from LeadIQ’s dashboard.

Businesses may optimize their campaigns and get more leads by using LeadIQ to access the most recent, pertinent data. LeadIQ is another tool that marketing teams may use for data analysis to find new sectors and geographic locations to target.


Freemium Essential costs $45 a month for each user.

Pro at $89 a month for each user

Business at a personalised cost

Look for significant deductions for the annual prepayment on the website.

5. CoPilot AI

AI Lead Generation Tools

CoPilot AI leads LinkedIn outreach and concentrates on content optimization. It aids companies in producing interesting content that appeals to and draws in potential clients. Personalized AI insights are a CoPilot AI component that lets businesses tailor their content to rank higher in search results. Additionally, it facilitates video prospecting, allowing groups to create and distribute AI-powered video messages in large quantities.

Additionally, you can leverage the smart reply and smart inbox features of CoPilot AI to deliver auto-generated messages that increase interaction. CoPilot AI detects high-intent leads via sentiment analysis. It has the ability to evaluate messages from possible customers and determine whether or not they will convert. CoPilot AI can be used in content development workflows to translate messages into many languages and come up with ideas for social media postings.


The regular plan costs $389 a month

Scale arrangement for $488 monthly

Teams budget $999 a month.

Look for significant deductions for the annual prepayment on the website.

6. Outreach

AI Lead Generation tools

Outreach is a software designed to generate leads and spark interactions with salespeople. With tools like triggered workflows, personalized messaging, and A/B testing, it enables businesses to automate follow-up plans for increased engagement. Reaching out aids in figuring out when new prospects visit your website or read an email. You can use this information to conduct additional follow-up campaigns aimed at turning leads into paying clients. Furthermore, Outreach offers information that you can utilize for customized messaging, such as contact details and social media profiles.

Outreach can help organizations prioritize specific leads and deploy the correct material to engage them by using its AI algorithms to detect search intent. Businesses can also use outreach to figure out when it’s best to arrange phone calls or send follow-up emails.

Additionally, you may foresee future market conditions and improve your marketing tactics with its forecasting capabilities. For instance, businesses might identify the products that are most likely to be in great demand and then focus their marketing and production efforts on those to get better results. Businesses can concentrate on where they are most likely to see success by using Outreach’s machine learning model, which can also forecast when a sale will close.


For enterprise pricing or standard and professional pricing for all, you must get in touch with Outreach’s sales team.

7. Kartra

AI Lead Generation Tools

Kartra is an AI-driven market automation solution. Businesses can use websites and social media platforms to draw in clients. Email campaigns can be used by sales teams to cultivate leads and establish rapport with clients.

Additionally, you may customize user experiences, automate several tasks, and react to website visitors dynamically based on their actions with the help of the Kartra tool. Kartra helps you track and analyze potential customers’ behavior, habits, and preferences, which streamlines your lead-generating operations. You can then modify your marketing messaging to draw in quality leads. Lead tagging and scoring are supported by Kartra, enabling you to quantify leads and break them up into smaller groups to decide where to focus more of your efforts.


Initial plan costs $119 a month

Silver plan, which costs $229 a month

Platinum for $549 a month

Look for significant deductions for the annual prepayment on the website.

8. useArtemis

AI Lead Generation Tools

UseArtemis is a lead creation and nurturing platform that helps companies find and connect with prospective clients. By ensuring that marketing teams employ tailored messaging and the appropriate leads to target, useArtemis helps boost conversion rates. Organizations can monitor the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and make necessary adjustments with the help of comprehensive data and analytics.

Additionally, you may use useArtemis to gather leads by scraping professional emails and other contact details from LinkedIn. Sales teams can participate in lead nurturing by creating and delivering customized emails or messages to potential customers on LinkedIn.

Using useArtemis simplifies multi-channel campaign management. To control user interactions, you can make several accounts and establish unique conditions and sequences. The useArtemis email finder extension can be downloaded and added to your browser to export contact details as Microsoft Excel or CSV files.

Moreover, useAtemis facilitates cooperation, enabling distant teams to cooperate to produce leads. It works with CRM programs and market automation platforms such as Marketo Engage, Salesforce, and Zoho.


introductory package for $49 a month

Also available for $99 a month

The pro plan is $129 a month.

Enterprise plan for $299 or more, based on the size of the team

Look for significant deductions for the annual prepayment on the website.

9. Jasper

AI Lead Generation Tools

Jasper is an effective tool for AI lead generation predictive analytics. Through the analysis of data sets from sources such as Google and LinkedIn, it assists in identifying possible leads. Jasper is also capable of analyzing your internet traffic to determine which leads are coming to your site. Jasper can also monitor social media posts using NLP (natural language processing) technology to assist you understand how other people see your company or items.

Jasper generally expedites the sales process by creating content like articles and social media postings, tracking results, personalizing communication, and automating time-consuming and repetitive procedures. For additional functionality, you may link Jasper with already-existing CRM programs like HubSpot and Zoho.


The creator’s monthly plan is $49

Teams budget $129 a month.

Business strategy at a specific cost

10. Surfer

AI Lead Generation tools

Surfer uses AI technologies to optimize content and improve search engine rankings. It raises your ranking and draws in organic traffic. Better conversion rates and increased visibility to prospective leads are possible outcomes for your website.

Surfer can help you with on-page and off-page optimization as well as keyword research. It evaluates and points out the advantages and disadvantages of your material and offers recommendations for enhancement. Ultimately, you have tailored content that appeals to your target market, drawing in interest and persuading potential buyers to make a purchase.

You can monitor the effectiveness of your lead-generating efforts and make any improvements by using integrated reporting and analytics. With Surfer, you can create optimized article outlines with keywords that search engines are using to find possible prospects. Additionally, you can raise the caliber of the content by using the built-in editor tool.


Basic package for $89 a month

Plan advanced for $179 monthly

Maximum $299 monthly plan

Enterprise plan with a personalized price

Look for significant deductions for the annual prepayment on the website.

Making use of AI’s potential for lead creation

AI-powered tactics can increase conversion rates and promote business expansion from lead generation to customer communication and payment.

Businesses can use AI lead-generating tools to assess data and estimate the probability that a lead will convert. As a result, sales teams can concentrate their time and energy on potential customers. AI solutions also help with personalization, allowing companies to send out tailored marketing messages and product recommendations that are likely to draw in new customers.

By managing user interactions on social media and websites, artificial intelligence chatbots and virtual assistants also expedite lead creation. These technologies offer round-the-clock customer care, which can improve the lead nurturing process. A/B testing, content recommendations, behavior analysis, and email marketing optimization are further advantages of AI lead-generating solutions. To reap these enormous benefits, investigate and incorporate AI-powered lead creation technologies into your workflow.


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